SIMON ANDERSON - Simon Anderson Surfboards:

SurfDecals has been supplying me with specialty logos and artwork designs for a number of years.

They can reproduce pretty much anything and is a great way for me and my clients to personalize boards in any way imaginable.

I highly recommend SurfDecals service and quality.

RICHIE LOVETT - Brand Ambassador, SurfHardware Intnl / FCS:

(Ex Aloha Surfboards) Aloha Surfboards uses SurfDecals because they offer a comprehensive range of services from small logo runs, to the most detailed artwork for full length deck inlays needed for corporate orders and display boards.

The quality of the product is of the highest quality and standard, and the service is second to none!

If you want your boards to stand out from the crowd SurfDecals has the solution.


SurfDecals is a core small business in today's flourishing surf market.

It deals at the key level - 9 to 5 hardgoods* manufacturing - with attention to minor detail via face to face dialogue.

Owner operator Ian Wallis drives a country mile every morning in finding waves, and so begins the daily rounds.

In an industry that has become top heavy on imported bullshit, SurfDecals is the type of company worth supporting all the way.

* Hardgoods = surfboards/wetsuits, Softgoods = surfwear/accessories, Ian Wallis = Good bloke, worth dealing with.

SHANE STEDMAN – Shane Surfboards:

I would like to thank SurfDecals for the effort regarding the surfboard graphics you did for us.

SurfDecals were able to achieve what others said was too hard. The cross section of wave, and the wave bubbles looked fantastic, and had the desired effect of attracting customer attention, and with the amount of stock in retail stores, this is a plus.

I would highly encourage any manufacturer requiring any type of graphics at a reasonable price, that will make boards distinctive, and to achieve a look out of the question any other way, to contact you. Thanks also for making our very short deadline.

I am letting you know that I am a very happy customer.

GREG CLOUGH - GRC / Founder of Aloha Surfboards:

SurfDecals......!!  What an AWESOME Service.

I’ve called Ian many times, desperate for decals, always he’s said “No Problems, I’ll deliver them tomorrow”, and he has always come through.

Right size, right colours - Totally Professional.

BARTON LYNCH - BL Blast Off / 1988 World Champion / Frother:

I have known and worked with Ian and SurfDecals on my family surf festival “BL's Blast Off” for several years now.

SurfDecals has supplied our event decals and they have been present on the beach and entertained the groms with activations.

Last year we conducted an art competition, where the kids did their own artwork on a surfboard template, the art was put on our Facebook page and winners decided by the most likes.

The kids loved it and the art was sick!

We really appreciate SurfDecals’ support of the event and look forward to an great ongoing relationship.


I have been laminating surfboards for over 15 years and have found SurfDecals’ Lightweight Full-Board Inlays to be the best ‘Glasser Friendly’ prints I’ve ever used.

The product is porous and therefore the resin soaks directly through and stays ‘down’ - fixed to the blank.

Other brands of Inlays I’ve used are rigid and tend to lift in comparison.

I have no hesitation in recommending SurfDecals to other laminators - consistent service and quality, everytime!

MARK RABBIDGE – Rabbidge Surf Designs:

SurfDecals makes my life easier!

The biggest pain in the arse in custom-order surfboard building is the art. The interpretation of customers art requirements is always hard work and things sometimes go wrong.

For me to put my customers in touch with SurfDecals eliminates all errors and hassles, the customer is stoked as they are more involved in the process and always get what they want.

If an order requires custom art, I simply say to my customers - “Talk to Ian, he can do almost anything”.

Webby – Webster Surfboards:

SurfDecals is a great company to work with. We have used SurfDecals for 5 years and are always happy with their professionalism and quality of work.
SurfDecals are quick and efficient and freight to your door within days of placing an order.

By using SurfDecals, I always have peace of mind that the decals on Webster Surfboards will never have any problem with colour-bleeding or smudging and are of the highest quality.

MARK OGRAM – Yahoo Surfboards:

I love working with professional people. Ian from SurfDecals has printed everything from full length board designs to family photos ready to glass into custom boards for us.

The quality is always spot on and they’re printed and in the mail straight away. SurfDecals has enabled us to offer our customers any artwork they want on their boards.

A pleasure to deal with!

AIDO WHEELER - Rusty Surfboards

SurfDecals provides an extremely professional, efficient and prompt service.

I highly recommend SurfDecals to anyone for their next spray.


SurfDecals do the best digital print art for surfboards that I've ever seen.

Nobody else even seems close. I reckon that might be because Ian Wallis seems a lot like the surfboard shapers he supplies: keen on precision and quality, spending the time to get it right and stoked on surfing itself!

If making boards is partly a labour of love, so's the art Ian produces to stick on 'em.

GRANT MILLER - Grant Miller Surfboards:

Ian Wallis at SurfDecals has been providing my surfboard business with a variety of print services for the past six years. During this time SurfDecals has proven to be a superiour organisation to previous suppliers with whom we had been associated.

What sets SurfDecals apart are the following.

1. Attention to detail. Regardless of whether our request is for a simple piece of artwork or a highly complex one, Ian goes out of his way to produce the best. For example, matters which may have been overlooked by our customer, or ways in which their request may be improved upon are consistently brought to my attention.

I can then discuss these with my client, thereby meeting or exceeding their expectations. Technically, the work from SurfDecals is exceptional.

2. Timing. The work which we submit to SurfDecals is invariably finished and delivered on time.

On occasion Ian has worked closely with me to very tight deadlines. This has meant that we were able to finish surfboards with complicated artwork and freight to international locations within very short timeframes.

Turnaround times quoted by SurfDecals are always adhered to, which means that I can confidently manage the production of each surfboard.

3. Costing. I can always depend on Ian to bill the agreed upon figure. There are never any extras or suprise variations in costs.

4. Response. SurfDecals are very prompt in returning phone calls and emails.

In addition, I find Ian Wallis a very agreeable person to do business with. His friendly and constructive personality is very pleasant, and so I find that I actually look forward to submitting work to him.

I would highly recommend SurfDecals to others in the surfboard industry who require a high level of competance.





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