Since 1984, Mambo has collaborated with a wildly talented team of local and international artists to put original art onto anything that can be worn, hung, read, driven, thrown &/or strummed. Now we have designed a fresh coat of paint for your ride.

Designed by several of our favourite artists, this collection of fine art SURF DECALS features a combination of classic and contemporary Mambo art, skilfully beaten into shape by our over-qualified team of design engineers.

Each decal has been extensively tested in all wave riding and wall hanging conditions and exceeds required standards of style, economy, and fine art compliance.

All are unconditionally guaranteed: Future Classic!

Prices start from $75.00 +GST for a standard shortboard size.

If you require a closer look at this artwork, please email us quoting the file number.

©All artwork Copyright MAMBO and must not be reproduced in any form or manner.




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