Hand Painted & Airbrushed Artwork
by Christian Chapman

Christian has been airbrushing surfboards for over 20 years and has created artwork for most of the well known surfboard manufacturers in Australia. As a result, Christian has created soulful psychedelic 60’s inspired airbrushed murals at ‘Nev’ Surfboards in the 90’s and fluoro new-age prototype Firewire sprays for world champion surfers such as Kelly Slater and Mick Fanning amongst others.

Christian currently runs his own combined art studio/surfboard company on the Gold Coast where he airbrushes surfboards for clients from the Sunshine Coast to Sydney. Not only does Christian enjoy creating artwork, he has other passions such as shaping surfboards and finding funnels at T.O.S, Coolie and other local Gold Coast beach breaks!

Christian also hand-paints original art on canvas’ for local art galleries and other venues. He creates his spiritually inspired Ocean and Sunrise pieces with semi-realism themes and contrasting bold expressive Portrait Art with darker overtones inspired by his love of Metal Music!

By linking up with SurfDecals, Christian has realised his dream to have his art laminated into anyone’s surfboard that appreciates his style and creativity, not only on the Gold Coast, but anywhere in Australia and the World.

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