Applying your SurfDecals Graphic is a very straight forward process and by following the instructions you should not have any problems.

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Laminating your graphic from on Vimeo.

Click on the image above to take you to a Vimeo Video of the lamination process.

The steps in applying the graphic are outlined below: (there are a few ways to apply graphic, one is to apply resin to the whole board at once, another is to apply front half then back half)

1: Place your graphic on the board and trim if necessary to shape or it will already come trimmed to shape and check fit.

2: It is recommended to seal your blank first by squeegeeing a very thin layer of resin over entire area, leaving no foam dry. Then let the resin sealer coat dry. (The sealer coat can be applied a few hours before applying graphic)

3: Once sealer coat is dry, apply a medium to thick layer of resin and brush or squeegee over the entire surface of the board, leaving no foam dry, then place/roll graphic in position. Then work graphic from centre out with more resin on top.
Note: The resin mix will vary to the temperature with a mix of .5 - 1% & err on the slow side.


Roll out the back half from tail up on board, place a weighted bag on this half (or pin it). Pour some resin and brush or squeegee on the nose end of the foam blank, making sure to cover all the foam as it is important to leave no area dry. You then roll out the front half over the wet area. Remove padded weight (or remove pin), resin the back half and roll other half of graphic out, apply resin and squeegee to tail end of board. Apply resin on top of graphic and squeegee from centre out any excess resin from under the graphic.

It may be easier if there are 2 people, to apply resin over the entire board in one hit, then place/roll the graphic, add more resin on top and squeegee from centre out, any excess resin from under the graphic.

4: Once the graphic is resined to the board, layout your glass sheeting from the roll (do no precut) and then continue to glass the board in the usual manner working resin into the glass on the graphic.

5: Subject to temperature, you may add a little more catalyst to the mix if needed. You can then fold your rail laps under.

**It is suggested to stay with the board and work it until mix is almost ready to go off & remove any air pockets that may appear under graphic or fibreglass.

Note: It is suggested to use 2 resin mixes when glassing full size graphics, as this allows time to work the graphic. You could use one mix to apply graphic to the foam and the hotter mix for the final glassing of the board.

SurfDecals will take no responsibility for customer dissatisfaction of any surfboard not glassed and produced by SurfDecals or its associates.

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