What are SurfLAMS:

SurfLams are surfboard laminates printed on lightweight tissue paper with the option of a white ink base.

These laminates are commonly used for surfboard manufacturer's logo's. They are installed during the lamination/glassing process when new surfboards are made.

Our sheet size is A3 - 297mm x 420mm and we can fit as many images as you can to that size.

See below for some samples of our work.

*When using SurfLAMS' digital white ink base decals we suggest that you don't thin your resin out too much with any added acetone based thinners such as styrene and products like Methyl Methacrylate, etc. Clean squeegee's of any acetone prior to using.

It is also good practice to fully wet out the decals, laminate at the correct laminating temperature and do not laminate in cold/damp conditions.

For the best results use a warmer mix on the decal surface.





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